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To 50 & Beyond

Sep 29, 2018

In this Sitch on Saturday, I'm talking about one of my favorite topics ~ menopause!  I went through eight years of a struggle with my body, my mental health, and my physical health and realized how much I wasn't taking care of myself. 

In this quickie episode, I break down my non-negotiable list of self-care in hopes...

Sep 25, 2018

Episode 34 

In this episode, I'm talking about how we are own worse enemy when it comes to living out our dreams. If you feel like you are constantly getting in your own way, this is the episode for you. 

I know that so many of us dream BIG and feel like we are meant to do more, be more, and try more, but we are not...

Sep 22, 2018

Open your computer to a Google Doc and join me in staking a claim in what you stand for.  

Today, I want to share a short exercise that I do with one question and a timer.  It is powerful and empowering and will help you hone in how you feel and think and connect with yourself. 

I was feeling stuck in creating my course...

Sep 18, 2018

Episode 33 ~

In this quickie episode, I'm talking about my recent trip to Los Angeles California where I attended the She Recovers Conference and the epiphany I had while there.  

I also talk about recovering from drinking for thirty-years and what recovering means to me while I'm evolving as a woman and business...

Sep 15, 2018

In this quickie Sitch on Saturday, I'm sharing my self-induced stressed week and how I have put way too much on my shoulders.  Why as women do we feel the need to get everything done before we can relax and spend time for ourselves?

I would love to hear from you with feedback on the podcasts and any topics you would...